IRIXDiVX Bug Tracking

This page contains links and information for submitting and checking on IRIXDiVX bugs. I am now using the Mantis, which is a fairly sophisticated bug reporting and tracking system.

Please peruse the bugs in the Mantis database to see if the same issue has already been submitted. There may also be temporary workarounds that I will post to in regards to bug submissions.

In order to browse the bugs, you may login to Mantis anonymously, but in order to submit a bug, you will need to request an account. The request approval is instantaneous, and you only need a valid e-mail to create an account. This will help me get in contact with you if I need further information regarding the bug.

Please note that any files you submit are not publically available. If you need to submit a moviefile and it's too big to upload to mantis, you have a few options. If you don't care if the link is made public, you can go ahead and post the link directly in the bug report. If the link is private however, please attach a text file to the bug report with the link inside the file.

Copyright 2001 to 2003 by Brandon Corey